Friday, March 10, 2017

Learning the Lathe - Materials

My next lesson was about materials.  I know steel is not as good as brass or aluminum.  Aluminum is easier than brass.  But, my latest venture was worse.  I needed a new idler bushing for the South Bend banjo (gearing).  It turns out the only stuff I had with a 1.25" diameter was a bar of chromoly that was originally intended for a replacement spindle before I found mine was okay.  So, I chucked it up and started to turn :

The lesson?  If you can wait for better stuff, do it.  The swarf was bad, I could only do about 0.002" removal at a time, and the cut-off of 1.25" was absolutely terrible.  But, the pen is looking good :

The pen is a Jr. Gentlemen's Statesman pen kit from craft USA.  Now I can focus again!