Sunday, June 24, 2018

Milling Stand and Ball Turning Attachment

I had a brief moment to work on some "projects", so I took that and ran with it.  First up was a ball turning attachment for the lathe.  I picked up some 5" x 12" x 5/8" steel plate, and drew up the fork on it.  Then I drilled a few holes to make turning corners in the bandsaw a little easier :

Once that was complete, I drilled along the swing arm on the inside (the blade wouldn't be able to make that turn, even with a drilled hole), and then cut along the lines.  I simply used a hammer to break out the inside chunk since I drilled along the base line of it.  Before freeing the entire pieces, I drilled sideways (which will become vertical when complete) to ensure that the pivot points are lined up.  You will see that in the second picture :

Then, the final cut along the hilt where it will sit in the tool post holder to free it all up.  Here is an exploded view of where everything ended up in the plate steel :

The "forks" were still a little rough :

At that point, I used a flap disc on the angle grinder and the milling machine to clean things up.  The next steps are to finish drilling out the pivot points in the fork, install bushings, and broach the swing arm to hold a tool and create a set screw.  At that point, it will be done!

Speaking of the milling machine, I also built a stand, since it is heavy and I don't like moving it around.  I also have limited space on tool storage, so I had to make it "mobile".  Turned out okay :