Sunday, October 5, 2014

Corvette Rallys Sold - Paint Picked Up

Well, I got tired of having the Corvette Rally's sitting in the garage taking up valuable floor space.  I put in an add online, and sold the rallys, tires, stainless trim rings and center caps.
The rallys were online for the last three weeks.  I think they found a good home.  I know I could have pulled (asked for) more, but I just didn't want to deal with eBay, etc, and thought I'd sell locally.  I was surprised that they sold as quickly as they did (and I'm okay with the price they were sold at).  They'd be used in restoring a 1967 Camaro - perfect!

The beautiful thing is that the actual sale of the rallys came just hours after I learned that the cost from the painter in replicating the paint would be around $400.  Add in the $200 for the cost of a half pint of base color and a half pint of pearl, and we're sitting at $600.  Ouch.  However, this could be valuable information if the painter can do it, and could be worth it to know how many layers of base color, and how many layers of pearl, mixtures, etc.

So, here is the paint information, codes, and labels.  The bill came to $185.71 - The main color was $67.20 for a half-pint, and the pearl was $106.60 for a half pint :

First, the main (base) color  (#908362):

Next, the pearl half pint :

The color chip :

That chip came out too dark, so I had to try one with a flash :
That one looked a little better for the representation of the color.

I delivered the parts and paint to him and he said he'd try to get to it next week.  That would be a huge step toward being finished.

I did find a new color that I thought would be awesome while I was at it for the next project (perhaps a motorbike).  It's Grandeur Blue over Sterling Silver :