Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Yet Another Tool Acquisition - Jointer and Planer

 So, I picked up some new tools.  Actually, I've had one for a long time, but I'm missing parts.  The one I've had but I'm missing parts is the jointer (some call them "joiners", but this isn't joining an old tool support group and is instead intended to create joints, so I'm using the official term of "jointer").  It's a Craftsman 113.20651, or an 6 1/8" jointer, made in April of '74.  The 113 indicates it was made by Emerson Electric.  (Yes, that's a can of WD-40 sitting on it, and a distributor cap).  The blades to be ordered are Craftsman #9-2293 (sometimes just referred to as 2293), an update to part # 18112.  The manual is available at if needed.

The parts I need make up the fence assembly, or parts 21229 (the fence body), 67009 (cutter guard), 21232 (fence end plate), 21736 (fence tilt scale), and the knobs and spacers/shafts (21440-plunger assembly, 21430-stop pin assembly, 47624-spacer, and 62331-knob lock assembly).  I can make most things fairly easy if needed - not too worried about the pins/plungers/knobs/spacers if someone has measurements of them - I can easily make the parts myself.  The fence, end plate, and the tilt scale might be a bit more difficult to make (though I could do exactly that if push comes to shove).

And recently, i've added a planer :

It's a Delta portable planer model 22-560.  It is in good shape, I'd like to fire it up and see how sharp the blades are, but I'm not sure I'll get to that any time soon.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Odds and Ends - A Few Projects

 I had a few hours to "kill" over the weekend.  First, I tackled the final pen building for the retirement gift :

The pen is an "Apprentice Gentlemans, Jr" kit in chrome.  The tubes were simply discarded, and I used surgical stainless (comes in many different types, actually, not just 316 stainless) bars.  I had 5/8" and 1/2" bars.  I bored them out with drill bits, polished them up, and pressed them together.  It is one of the most perfectly balanced pens I've ever made.

Next up, I tackled the base timing of the Corvette. It overheated while I was doing that, and I traced the problem back to the relay for the fan.  Unfortunately, it was completely missing - and had enough primer overspray on it to know where it disappeared (a paintshop, maybe?).  I grabbed one and installed it, but I need to test that still.  It got hot enough to do this to the fuse assembly :

While that cooled down, I kept thinking about advertisements for "bullet pins" that you'd use on a cork board or a bulletin board (no pun intended).  I still had the .40 caliber casings from the bullet ear bud project a while back, so I ordered some 10mmx3mm magnets (I don't use cork board) from Amazon, and they fit a little more loosely than I wanted, but I simply used epoxy to bond it all together :

I gotta let these cure, and then I can try them out.  Turns out they work pretty slick.  First, on the fridge :

And also holding the wiring diagram to the toolbox :