Monday, June 7, 2021

Odds and Ends - A Few Projects

 I had a few hours to "kill" over the weekend.  First, I tackled the final pen building for the retirement gift :

The pen is an "Apprentice Gentlemans, Jr" kit in chrome.  The tubes were simply discarded, and I used surgical stainless (comes in many different types, actually, not just 316 stainless) bars.  I had 5/8" and 1/2" bars.  I bored them out with drill bits, polished them up, and pressed them together.  It is one of the most perfectly balanced pens I've ever made.

Next up, I tackled the base timing of the Corvette. It overheated while I was doing that, and I traced the problem back to the relay for the fan.  Unfortunately, it was completely missing - and had enough primer overspray on it to know where it disappeared (a paintshop, maybe?).  I grabbed one and installed it, but I need to test that still.  It got hot enough to do this to the fuse assembly :

While that cooled down, I kept thinking about advertisements for "bullet pins" that you'd use on a cork board or a bulletin board (no pun intended).  I still had the .40 caliber casings from the bullet ear bud project a while back, so I ordered some 10mmx3mm magnets (I don't use cork board) from Amazon, and they fit a little more loosely than I wanted, but I simply used epoxy to bond it all together :

I gotta let these cure, and then I can try them out.  Turns out they work pretty slick.  First, on the fridge :

And also holding the wiring diagram to the toolbox :


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