Saturday, February 3, 2024

Storing Pipe Clamps

 Ever since that table project, I've had pipe clamps laying on the floor of the garage, and when it rains, everything is covered in water.  I needed to get them off of the floor.  I used a 2x4 for each end, and I used another one to create the braces to screw that too the wall.  I bored them out using a 1-1/4" Forstner bit, and then finished the cuts for one side (I left the complete hole on the second end).

Bolted them to the wall.

Now, my clamps are off the floor!

Ram 1500 Rack and Pinion Loose

As I've driven my Ram 1500 lately, I've had these weird thoughts that the steering was getting loose.  And then, on Thursday, it started "popping" when I was cranking the steering wheel all the way right and then to the left as I've been parking it.  I panicked, and parked the truck until the most recent snow storm finished.

I slid underneath and inspected all of the steering knuckles and bots to make sure the linkage was in good shape.  Nothing looked off, so I started inspecting everything, and that is when I noticed one of the rack and pinion bolt fasteners (holds it to the frame) had about a 3/8" gap.  I could turn it by finger.  Probably not supposed to be like that.

I grabbed my tools, and secured the bolt.

Now, I don't have the torque specifications for that bolt - and I couldn't find them anywhere (I don't have a service manual for this thing).  So, I slowly incremented my torque wrench and tried the other bolt until I got to the point where the other one would turn.

That is where I put the torque on this loose one.  Steering is again tight, and I feel much better about driving this thing.