Welcome to silverhawk.net, the home of a geek with never-ending projects. Here you will you find access to a home-built security system, various write-ups on Some Linux tricks, some shop talk, and basic geek stuff.

This site was designed by some poor chap who was too cheap to buy something from a template. If you think you need to complain about bugs, mistakes, problems, or things that you think are stupid, just shoot an e-mail to joe AT joe DASH lewis DOTcom, and be sure to remove the -remove-spam.com from the address or it will never get there. If you'd like to become a guest author, the previous author can add you, but be prepared to include a link to some of your work.

If, on the other hand, you are aware of a future baby that is in need of a home, please consider having the child raised in a geek house. Thanks for visiting!

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