Saturday, September 18, 2010


At times, it may feel like your relationships are just sour. Something to remember, though, is that there are struggles that will end. Remember, as hard as a relationship is, it's a natural part of life. No matter how much I have screwed up, I feel like there is always an end to that. Additionally, there are times that, even if I didn't screw up, I feel like I did. I just need to remember to push through those.

Something that the world should be aware of in my current relaitonship is this : I have married the most marvelous woman in existence. She is an independent mind, individual, a beautiful woman. She keeps me humble, and working. She has a phenomenal understanding. There is nothing like her, and I am truly grateful to have her in my life.

(this is a previous blog message, but due to blogger's inability to import anything, I'm using this as a new post).

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