Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Wahoo! Another rant!

It's been an eventful trip. We pack up, and head on in to Plaster Rock, NB, Canada for a family reunion. I've never had to tell my "banking institution" where I'm traveling. Usually, I just end up with a nice "these charges are suspect" message waiting for me when I get home.

Not this time. They locked my checking account (and the visa card associated with it), while in Plaster Rock. How do they think I can get out of this place? Ah, resorting to an American Express. (Keep credit cards, even if you don't use them).

So, I call to find out why - and I get told that I had insufficient funds. I was spending $55.05 on fuel. I had $600.00 in the account. Yup, my math must be messed up. $55.05 is definitely greater than $600.00. So they released it, and they took down notes as to how long we'd be gone so they wouldn't do this again.

Next up, I get a phone call from them. Since reporting where I was, they then flagged ALL transactions in the area as potential fraud. I had to manually verify EVERY ONE!

What happened to the notes?

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