Friday, February 10, 2012

Arduino : Interrupt-Driven Alarm System

Okay, I have now figured out how to do the interrupt-driven arduino alarm system, using a series of diodes for each input. I also found out that the resistors were pointless, as the inputs on the arduino typically contain a pull-up or pull-down resistor already embeded on the device. It makes it quite nice to set up an input.
The code is available from  , you just need an appropriate Arduino, the Ethernet Shield (with the SD card), a small prototyping board, wire, and some diodes.  It's configurable (on an SD card), and will connect to a server.  It uses encryption, so sniffing minds can't easily see what is being communicated (pretty effective PSK-based "algorithm" considering the low processing power of an Arduino - it's a simple PSK XOR mechanism).  If you need a schematic, let me know.  E-Mail address is in the code header.

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