Friday, June 29, 2012

forked-daapd in CentOS 6.2 64 Bit

Hey, folks; I was setting up forked-daapd in CentOS 6.2 (64 Bit), and ran into a few problems. One of the most recent was that the libantlr3c was not being used (headers were found). I found that if I add a --enable-64bit to the configure line (I used an RPM spec file), it will create it for 64 bit, which is really what I needed. I realized this when it kept failing to configure the forked-daapd with an error about libantlr3 and a missing function, and when I looked in the config.log for the error, the linker was ignoring the 32 bit libraries. (If you haven't enabled 64 bit, it is 32 by default, and you would have to use a 32 bit compiler by default if you wanted to). So, there is another quick hack.

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