Thursday, May 9, 2013


As frustrated as I get with working on the house, or trying to deal with a lawyer or a painter that doesn't understand the poor job, I have a woman in my life that more than makes up for that. Her name is Shan, and she is amazing. She has soothed my mind many times when work has gotten to me, or when I am about to face news. She has her heart in the right place, she has a mind that functions very well, and she has a personality to match! (The fact that she is beautiful is also a plus).

So, I ask, has a woman like this ever existed before? or is she the best ever?

    Having you hold my heart is a blessing to me.
    Having you near makes me the man most lucky.
    Having your eyes look deep, brings smile to my soul.
    Having your fingers' caress makes me so whole.
    Having your heart beat close is love unto mine.
    Having you close sends giggles down the spine.
    Having your hands' gentle touch quivers my knee.
    Having your lips whisper love makes me giddy.
    Having your breath warm my cheek brings desire to kiss.
    Having you hold me close puts me in bliss.
    Having your arms around me results in an embrace,
    Having you close makes me want to stay at your place.
    Having you snuggle fills my heart with glee,
    Having your love is something I want enternally.
(this is a previous blog message, but due to blogger's inability to import anything, I'm using this as a new post).

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