Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kwicky Burner - Preparing to Build My Own Shop

I'm interested in the Dave Gingery books.  But, rather than create a charcoal foundry like he does in his first book, I thought I'd go straight to an oil burner - it burns cleaner, and I can fuel it with my used motor oil.  Sounds like a winner!

So, looking around the 'net, the best one I found :

Looks easy enough, it's simple enough, and it works with a compressor to bring the fuel into the system (no need for a special pressure system).  I tried to tackle this the first time, and I failed.  In one of his pictures, he had one of the air supply nozzles that was shaped like a bullet.

Using a drill press, I put the mig welder tip in, started the press, and put the file to it.  I "turned" it into the shape of a bullet - it didn't work well.  In fact, rather than sucking up the fuel supply line, air was bubbling up the fuel line.

I decided to try it again, and went with the design in another one of his photos - a simple, straight bevel about 45 degrees.  So, I put a new mig tip into the drill press, started it, and grabbed the file, and bevelled the tip.  I soldered it into the copper tube, and assembled it, connected it and fired up the compressor :

It was definitely throwing water, so I needed to adjust it.  To adjust, simply turn the square plug in or out.  Do that while everything is connected.

I got a better spray after letting it out a bit.

I grabbed another photo of everything connected to it so you could see the spray.

A final adjustment, and the spray looked about perfect.  If you change the pressure on the air supply line, you will have to adjust that square nozzle again.  Always find a perfect spray when you use the nozzle.  It's awesome, and the next step is to install it into a larger pipe that is fed by another blower to throw the mixture into the foundy.  I'll get to that one in the future (I work slowly with some projects!)  Woohoo!

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