Friday, January 2, 2015

Sometimes I Miss My Colleagues

When I left my old company, the one thing I knew I would miss were my colleagues.  They were the creme of the crop - and not just because they knew a little bash.  They were smart, and they weren't jerks about it (probably unlike me).

One of the big things was that they liked to cause others to question their mental stability through various pranks.

Yeah, I really miss that.

However, along the new team, the same kinds of camaraderie exists, albeit one or two don't want to play that way.  We're in a cube farm at the new place.  I really didn't like that at first, because I couldn't turn around and ask a colleague a question.  But then I finally found a use for the cube farm :

Yeah, that's where the entrance to someones cubicle USED to be.  Gonna be tough to find their way in.  I really do miss those guys.

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