Monday, March 30, 2015

Down with forked-daad, up with mt-daapd

I have a page that is a popular destination for music lovers out there.  It's my post on running forked-daapd on CentOS.  It was a great little post at the time, and was needed.  It was the daapd server at the time that had the most recent activity in development, so it was the one I opted to use.

It was rather ugly to get installed, frankly.  It had so many dependencies to other libraries, all in an attempt to make it "easier to code".  But it definitely helped me realize something : all of you open-source wookies out there seem to think, "hey, a  new library!  I should get in front of this bleeding edge so that all of my L337 friends think I'm the bomb!"

Frankly, I hate you punks.

Why the hell should I have to install 5 different libraries for each package only to have those libraries used ONLY by that package?  That's ridiculous, and frankly, I'm not gonna put up with that crap any more.

No more packages that require any more than one  obscure library, or it's on my hitlist.  Perhaps you will understand if I explain this with the forked-daapd server setup.  It required a recompile of sqlite3, antlr3, and a number of other packages that only forked-daapd needed.  I went through the hoops once.  BUT, every time I updated the system and the sqlite package was updated, or some other dependency was updated, I had to recompile every damn piece of the puzzle, and sometimes they wouldn't even compile any longer!  I am NOT going to release packages for something old, and something that was causing a pain for me.

So, I went back to the older mt-daapd service.  Wary of what I might have to install, I threw the source down and fired off the compiler.  It needed a few things.... but they were all provided by the distribution!  After not having my wife iTunes be able to play the networked data, I had it up and running fairly quickly!

For all of those who are trying to use forked-daapd..... just give up and go with mt-daapd .  It works just as well!

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