Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Addictions Run Deep

Within a week of having my first "machine tool" up and running, I've learned quite a bit (my wife would probably want to see me sometime).

  • Facing
  • Center-drilling
  • Turning between centers
  •  How NOT to orient a tool for the best finish
  • The tool is also critical  (larger tools means stable cuts)
Unfortunately, I didm't have the 4-jaw ready to try learning the technique of parting off.  Instead, I used a hacksaw while the piece was turning.  Silly me.

Once I had experienced facing, I decided it was time to prepare the backplate for the second chuck (I started out with a 3-jaw scroll, and wanted a 4-jaw independent).  That was completed today - the chuck and back plate have been permanently joined.

While I was at it, I needed a better way to store my #2 armstrong tool holders.

I realized that a 3/4" PVC pipe coupling was about the right size, except for a small shoulder inside.  That lead me to salvage a stainless steel printer rod.  I grabbed one of my collets for this and an end-mill, and milled a flat end on the rod (3/8", so nothing I'd readily bore steel with), drilled a hole across it, and turned it into a simple boring bar.

I then chucked a PVC coupling into the old 3-jaw, bored out the shoulder inside the PVC couplings, drilled a cross hole, and screwed them to my wall.  They worked perfectly!

So, I now know I can easily make a good boring bar if I ever have to.  I have two chucks (self-centering/scroll 3-jaw [came with the lathe] and a 4-jaw independent), and I'm half way to having made a milling attachment table (not one of those key-way cutting "attachments", this would be a much more solid attachment).  Forgive the crudeness of the attachment, it was intended to be squared up with the collets and end mills, so I wasn't trying to be completely accurate in setting it up and laying it out.  I'll use side mills for the slots, and I still need to pick up some slot cutters, but at this point, it is somewhat useable.

The next things on my list

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