Saturday, May 27, 2017

Truing a Chuck Back Plate

While preparing to create a tap in my last post, and still needing a break from that Cocoa Table project, I needed to put on a new, small chuck.  My two chucks I already had were either a 4-jaw chuck (takes a long time to get the work close), and a 3-jaw chuck that only had outside jaws.  I had ordered a small 3-jaw/4" chuck, and it had arrived.  So, it was time to get it mounted up.

  1. Install the back plate to the lathe, NOT to the chuck.
  2. Once it's on the lathe, use some tooling to face it off, and cut the shoulder you need for the chuck to fit.
  3. Now you can remove the back plate from the lathe and install the chuck to it.
  4. Once done, it is ready to use.
Yes, it is really that simple.  It was a quick task when I had just a little time to spend on it.

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