Saturday, June 10, 2017

Rings and "Rings"

My wife was gone for the weekend.  So, as a matter of distraction (and after someone said "make a ring on the lathe out of a nut), I decided to try it.  I grabbed a 3/4" nut from some place that rhymes with "Dome Hepot", and chucked it up.  I didn't really care about the finish - it was a $0.50 part and a little bit of time "just because".

Turned out not too badly, even with the lack of caring about the finish :

So next, I turned my attention to my mortising attachment.  I bought one on eBay because it was pretty close to my drill press (though my drill press is not a Delta branded press, I thought it would fit).  The reality is it wouldn't lock onto the quill.  My quill was 2.5" in diameter, and the mortising attachment would fit a 2.6" diameter quill.  Yes, that 0.100" would prevent it from binding down on the quill.  I had a piece of 3" diameter C86300 Manganese Bronze I thought I could make an "adapter" out of.  To make it, I did the following :

  1. Put it into the chuck
  2. Faced it off
  3. Drill a small hole 3/4" deep into the center
  4. Step drill that hole until I got to 1/2" in diameter, still at 3/4" deep
  5. Grabbed the boring bar, and bored that 1/2" hole out to 2.5" diameter, 3/4" deep
  6. Turned the outside down to 2.6"
  7. Beveled the inside and outside edges
  8. Cut off the "ring" (I actually had to go to the bandsaw for this because it just didn't want to cut)
  9. Sanded the back side
  10. Cut the ring into halves
  11. Sanded the ends of each half on the inside and the outside so it wouldn't rip up the quill or the attachment

After finishing the last sanding, I had to test it to make sure it fit.  It was like a glove, but not the one tossed from a fleeing white bronco.  That manganese bronze is nice stuff :

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