Sunday, September 30, 2018

Tailstock Die Holder

For all of those wonderful times when you want to thread, but you are too lazy to switch change gears for the right thread pitch, I give you my version of a tailstock die holder.  Essentially, it is a thread-cutting tool to sit in the tailstock.

Mine was made using 5/8 tool steel road that was drilled for a 3/8-24 thread in one end, and screwed onto an MT2 arbor that was 3/8-24 on it.  Then, a cylindrical piece of aluminum was cut, turned, faced, and bored out, and then some set screw holes put in it.

Mine had a 1.5" hole bored, as well as a 1" hole.  Then, I can use two different types of dies.  Also, it was turned to a 2" diameter so I can use a 2" inner diameter tube and hold a 2" die, too.  It means I can hold the vast majority of dies for easy threading on the lathe!

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