Saturday, August 10, 2019

Easy way to a Lathe Tool Holder

I have a cheap Chinesium quick change tool post (the found-everywhere 250-100 AXA clone), and a few tool holders.  I'd wanted a way to keep the tool holders close and organized, but I was frankly too lazy to 3D print something I didn't think would last long.  So, I cheated.

I bought some 1.5" x 0.375" 6061aluminum rectangle bar ($50 for 5').  I tossed it into the Wen angle vise ($75), and then milled the bar at 30 degree angles to get the 60 degrees needed for the tool holders.

I tested them out, and probably should have used bar that was more than 1.5", but it will still work just fine.

The next step is to drill and counter sink the pieces so they can be bolted up to a brace, and then they're done.

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