Thursday, April 23, 2020

Hockey Households Holding Hardy Having Holed

So, while the world goes into a lockdown, some folks are having a difficult time.  The lack of social structure has driven some folks mad.  On the other hand, there are some people who merely adjusted where they work, and are thriving.  That latter group is me.  All kinds of "you can't stay home to protect your grandma" garbage permeating social networks, and I'm sitting back thinking, "no, I'm pretty good, and I don't wanna go out there because there are still to many idiots out there."

During this time, I was able to look into a few projects.  Here's a cool one.... I had the mill out yesterday, and a big chunk of Delrin that I wanted to make a cross brace out of.    It was intended to hold my hockey sticks together.

I started out with a drawing (high tech accuracy here, since it was all done with a thick Sharpie).  I didn't want a 90 degree angle, because the wall it's going to decorate is smaller.  I opted for a 60 degree angle.

I took it over to the band saw, and "roughed it out".  With the massive chunks cut out, milling should be a breeze.  I propped all four corners up with some gauge blocks, and milled one side.  I then flipped it and got it roughly in place (frankly, it doesn't matter here how accurate this is).  Then I could proceed to cut the groove for the other stick.  The only critical dimensions here are the widths of the grooves for the sticks.  Not all sticks are the same.  My aluminum stick is just a bit narrower than the wood stick.

I did a quick test fit.

I was then able to wrap it and cover the brace with hockey tape (in Navy blue [Go Oilers]).  Nice to finally check that one off of the list.

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