Monday, September 19, 2022

A Fly on the Wall

So, way back when I found a cheap Chinesium fly fishing rod combination that was fantastic (and my wife claimed it as her own), I set out to find another one in a different color.  I wanted a brown one, and could not find one available in the shorter 7'8" length.  So, I ordered a blank.

Now, this was well before the bamboo rod came into my possession for a restoration, so I had parts on hand.  Some of those things went to the bamboo rod, so I ended up with a brown rod blank and bright gold wrappings and eyelets.

It didn't turn out so bad, really!  Again, this was one that I did with the reel seat reversed (I love doing that - it effects the balance in unique ways).  It feels good, and doesn't look too terrible, though I don't know what to think of the resulting poo brown and pee gold.  Oh, well, it looks good, and it feels solid.

This completes my projects around making fishing rods!  Woohoo!

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