Thursday, July 6, 2023

AXA Lathe Tool Holders

 I hated having my tools just laying around.  Some folks sell tool holders on eBay that have been 3D printed, and you can even download the patterns from thingiverse and print your own.  I was too lazy to set up the 3D printer, so I ordered some 3/8" thick x 2" wide Delrin (which is nice - as an oil-based plastic, I expect it to last longer than ABS, and be "slippery" on the tool holders), and then milled at a 30 degree angle to get the 60 degree taper, and kept flipping them until I had them fit nicely.

Now, it should be noted that I used a mill, a torch, and a heat-set soldering iron.  But, you can make these very simply by using only a saw to cut the 30 degree angles.  You don't even need to bend them - you can use angle iron to hold them at 90 degrees.  Essentially, you can make these using the 3/8"x2" delrin, and only a bandsaw and screw driver.

Once created, I laid them out on a board set to drawer slides to make it easy to get access, and bolted them to the board.

I'm pleased with the result of having all of my AXA tool holders easily accessible!

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