Friday, January 27, 2012

Okay, carpeting is finally installed.  Woohooo!  New car smell is back!  This is the most the car has been put together in 14 years!  Carpeting is installed.  Now I need some panels, and some speakers.  Some photos of the installed carpet :

Note that the center console still hasn't been finished.  I have the wiring in position, but still need to cover the shifter (after converting from the TH350 automatic to a new Tremec TKO II standard).  I dropped a sheet over the passengers foot pan to protect the carpets for a little bit.

And another photo of the rear compartment area, without the panels :

Next up, is to pick up panels, finish the shifter console, get the rest of the wiring installed, install speakers, install a battery and then the door glass (and then the door panels), and the dash board.

Then, headlights, plumb and lube the engine, and the suspension and steering joints and bearings, and then put the hood on.  Might get a little expensive (the only thing holding it back right now).  But, it's coming along!

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