Monday, September 17, 2012

1/3rd of the car - complete

If I were to section the corvette into three pieces, and then work on each individual piece to completion, the back third would be complete.

Tonight, I finished connecting the fuel sending unit to the wiring harness (I couldn't find those connectors so used some weather, heat-shrink-tubing connectors after using an ohm meter to find which end was which), reconnected the anti-theft horn to the new wiring harness, and completed the power antenna installation (wonder what it will be like to have sound).

This past weekend, I completed the rear storage compartment doors (but not the latches), running wires for the power antenna and amplifier, and ran the wiring for the door lock actuators.

Earlier today, I was able to complete the inputs from the security system into the relays, grounded where neccessary, and ran hot lines where neccessary to complete those. I also finished connecting the neutral safety switch wiring and relay up (the TKO II can't take the amperage that the starter solenoid requires, so I had to use a relay), and finished wiring everything on the stereo connector except for the speakers themselves.

To complete the interior, I have the following tasks remaining :
  1. electrical - The only things remaining on the electrical in the cabin are the security system, and then individual lights. Once complete, the system will need to be verified as operational.
  2. adjust the door glass - Once the electrical has been verified, then I can adjust the window glass. I can't install the door panels until the window glass has been adjusted.
  3. steering column - this needs to be refreshed, and the ignition barrel (the thing the key goes into) needs to be replaced.
  4. dash panels assembled - to finish these, I need to pick up a few parts - a light switch bezel, new duct balls, new center console duct grills, and a speedometer shroud.
  5. install the duct work - (after figuring out where things go, this is going to be fairly simple to accomplish - about 10 minutes of work and it would be done) - unfortunately, this has to wait until the electrical has been completed.
  6. install the panels - This will be the most visually satisfying task. Up to this point, most tasks have been small, and have not had any "visual" progress. Things like soldering, cutting, adjusting, a lot of "behind the scenes" stuff. Installing the panels will be the final step in finishing the interior section of the car.
Once the above is complete, then it will be to the front end to finish that off. To finish the front end, I must do the following :
  1. Connect the fuel lines to the carb (need to feed the double barrel beast).
  2. Connect the dual fans to the wiring harness
  3. Construct/Procure a headlight actuator system, and paint the headlight assemblies to match the vehicle. This is the part that's gonna hurt - the paint is a three part paint, and the color coat is $300 a pint.

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