Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3D printers and your car

Working on the steering column to verify that the electrical is working, I had to change some parts out.  One future project is to utilize a 3D laser scanner and a 3D plastic printer to construct new parts as needed, and I had set about generating some parts for the steering column.  I've been able to generate the 3D definition in OpenSCAD (POVRay, graphic design, spacial orientation, and drafting all paid off quickly - it took me 24 hours to generate a functional and complex 3D model of the steering column part).

Next up is to have the fender alarm re-keyed to match the rest of the car and get it installed, and reassemble the steering column to prep for an electrical system check.

Also, if anyone is willing to contribute to the 3D printer/scanner combination, here's a list of parts :
  • Geo Metro front hubs
  • Geo Metro front drive shaft
  • 4" steel pipe
  • extruded aluminum
  • Sony Playstation 3 Move Eye (the camera for physical control)
  • Line Laser
  • CO2 laser
And, as always, funds will definitely help get this rolling again.

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