Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rebuilt: Grinder Assembly

I'm kinda glad this one was a smaller project.  It took about 8 hours of labor, stripping things down, cleaning,  priming/painting, then re-assembling.

Just a note, I couldn't (for the life of me) figure out the left side stone removal - the nut just wouldn't come off.  It took me a bit to realize it was a reverse thread, and "loosening" was actually "tightening".  Once reversed, it came right off.  Silly me!
I tried to leave the tool supports original (no refinishing, just a good brushing of the rust off), and re-threaded all of the bolts so they'd slip on easier.  I SHOULD have added washers.
The oil cups on top were plugged, so I cleaned those out, and wiped it all down before painting.  It was originally a "red", but I didn't have any of that paint laying around, so I painted it to match the lathe.  The motor is a 115v "Bendix 14080" 1/4 HP A.C. motor (not sure of the RPM it puts out) :


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