Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sometimes I Hate Cheap eBay'ers

There are two kinds of cheap idiots out there :
  • Me
  • Everyone else who tries to get as much cash out of junk as they possibly can
I know, I had to be listed.

Why I'm a cheap idiot :

There are two reasons here.  If I wasn't so cheap, I would have bypassed some headlight doors on eBay, and I would have ordered the $800-per-unit ($1600 total) headlight units from the standard mail order locations (Don't go with Ecklers - I just placed an order with Corvette Central after pricing duplicate items, and found that it was still $60 cheaper with Corvette Central - and you know they get the same parts from the same suppliers).

Additionally - I failed to check the units in depth on arrival before giving them to the painter.  I DID check a few fits and other things, but failed to check for broken, damaged, or not-right things.

Why the eBay seller is a cheap idiot :

But, considering I was on a budget, trying to save pennies for potential adoptions that failed to materialize, I went with a $35 set from eBay.  They were advertised as "working condition".  That was a little fib.  What the guy failed to describe was that he was giving them up because he broke off 7 bolts and didn't want to do anything to them.

Result :

Well, considering I shipped them off to the paint shop after a cursory fit check, then installed them, I had to drill the old bolts and tap them - on the car.  That's not exactly a nice experience, sitting on cold concrete (getting polaroids) while trying to keep friction-heat from discoloring paint, or being as careful as I can to not scratch paint with spinning grinding stones, drill chucks, or tapping handles.  Trust me, it was a pain.  Here are some examples :

In the above photo, I've circled two spots.  The lower left is where a plastic clip bolts on - and the bolts were frozen (the heads snapped off).  I've already drilled and tapped the holes.  The 2nd bolt was a side bolt, and I didn't grab a picture of that - I'd already drilled, tapped, and installed the limit bracket.  The upper-right one is the bolt how where the front, surrounding bezel bolts to the lid.  I saw that, and about spit oil all over the place.  I checked the other three just to get an angle at which to drill .... only to find all four of them snapped off.  [sigh].

Make sure you do your home work, and stop trying to pass off broken as "working".  Your lies only cost people time!

Oh, and if you are having to drill and tap holes in these units, just remember, the units are soft metal, while the bolts are hard.  It's easy to go off center, and the drill bit will move to drilling the units instead of the bolds if given the chance.

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