Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Cleaning - Project Style

Well, one day a couple of weeks ago, I was told that I had too many projects going on at once.  Doing one thing for five minutes, then another for another five minutes - nothing was ultimately going to get done.  We had to itemize my projects :

  • Install ceiling fan in bedroom
  • Replace faucet in bathroom (finish had peeled off on the old one)
  • Finish South Bend Junior Lathe "milling" attachment, create a jackshaft so that I can use the old treadmill motor (different belts), and also figure out a controller for that motor
  • Hang quite a few photos to create our "travel wall"
  • Teach in Church
  • Corvette
  • Oil changes in the Truck
  • Run an Ethernet cable for a printer at the in-laws
  • Tiller
  • Lawn (rake so the grass can grow, get it fertilized, and kill some moles)
  • Get the 3D printer up and running
  • Finish the book scanner so a few books can be digitized (and get them digitized)

This is the list that I can think of right now.  I know there is much more that I am forgetting, but that will return to my head once we get some of the stuff checked off.  As it is spring, I knew I needed a little project "spring cleaning".

So, I set off to finish a few things.  No, the Corvette isn't one of them, though I wish it was.

I started out focusing on some of the easy stuff to get something crossed off the list.  First, I threw some pieces of the tiller back together - I am missing one piece that will prevent me from finishing that one (the recoil pulley).  The Kohler K161T engine is complete (the starter assembly is not).  The transmission rebuild is done (seals replaced, belts installed, reverse pulley replaced), and everything looks good.  I bought that pulley (it had a lot of dust on it as it sat in the companies parts bin for a few decades), installed it, and cranked the tiller up.  I had to tune the carb, but was then able to put it to work a little bit.  For an old machine, it runs pretty well, and boosted my confidence pertaining to things with engines (the Corvette has me a little nervous).

I next decided to work on the travel wall.  It doesn't look too bad, actually.  I was thinking with portrait and landscape photos, it would look terrible.

I also decided to throw together a jackshaft with the pulleys I needed to interface between the v-belts and the serpentine belt that I'd have on there.  I broke out the welder and some random stock I had laying around, and tacked it together :

Once that was completed, I realized I had quite a mess around the wood lathe - the tools were everywhere, and were moved every time I needed access to a tool.  When visiting the in-laws and running their cable for their printer, Mr. In-Law demonstrated a lathe tool rack (something I was thinking needed to be 3D printed, and was one of the reasons I procured the 3D printer).  It was simply a few boards with holes cut in them the size of the tools, with a third board beneath the bottom one to keep them from falling through.  I grabbed my hole saw and some scrap wood (gotta get rid of the scrap somehow, eh?) and built some quick shelves :

I grabbed a photo of the "shop", too.  It looks much better (other than the sawdust, and the holes from the lathe tool rack) than it did a month ago.

While out in the shop, I remembered the package I had laying around that included the "precision ground" 4" angle plate.  I had purchased it to put between the cross slide of the South Bend and the compound, moving the compound into purely the vertical axis I needed.  I can mill, except for three things right now - I still haven't gotten to the motor, I don't have the collets, and I need a vise I can attach to the compound t-slot.  Not sure they make something like that, but at this point, I doubt I'd have a hard time - if I had the stock for it.  The angle plate sure looks good in there, though :

Once that was done, I replaced the faucet.  Nice to have a finished bathroom again down there, and have it done right.  Also, I tossed in some refractory to the furnace to try and finish that.  Didn't turn out quite like I was hoping for (it is off-centered, and below the top lip).  I'll have to try again :

I feel like I had a very productive weekend.

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