Saturday, April 9, 2016

Another Project Bites the Dust

Well, now that you have that song stuck in your head, I got a few more projects completed.  I needed to get a fan installed (replace a light).  That was fairly easy :

The hardest part came because I misplaced the "instructions".  Really, I just needed to know how the braces bolted up to the ceiling to keep it stable.  Once those were in place, the rest was cakewalk - black wire to black, white to white, and green to the can (where it already was).

With that out of the way, I tried to focus on the 3D printer.   The parts had come in the mail, so I wanted to finish it.  However, one motor was malfunctioning.  It's my X axis, and couldn't move the printer head.  So frustrating that one was in bad shape straight out of the gate.  The rest is definitely complete, though.  I ordered a replacement, and (once it arrives) simply need to fire up the extruder and then I'm done.  (I also ordered a spool of filament while I was at it.)

With the "I can complete this" stuff out of the way, I decided to turn my attention to something that wasn't broken.  I wanted a new shaving razor.  I love the feel of the Mach3, but I have the "Fusion", and for Christmas, my sweetie pie bought me a razor kit from an online pen-turning company, woodcraft.  I wanted it done in Walnut (which I know I am allergic to, and, apparently, I am allergic to even walnut sawdust).  However, being a razor, I knew it would be in the elements (e.g. water), and water against woods is hard on them.  So, I turned it as I normally would, just a little smaller, and finished as I normally would without the polishing wax.  Once done, I took the turned project back into the house and coated it with clear, 5-minute epoxy :

Once the epoxy set, I took it back outside and re-turned it down to the real size that I wanted it, and went through the entire list of finishing steps again.  Looks great, and should last a long time!

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