Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Who is Your Friend?

Often, I'm amazed at how many people know my wife.  Considering how amazing she is, it's not baffling, just awe-inspiring regarding how many lives she's effected.  She is an amazing wife and friend.

Anyway, going back through some paperwork, I ran across the following :

It made me laugh, that memory.  I'd better tell you the story.  We were visiting family in the area, and were out traveling one of the back roads.  As we're cruising along at 60 MPH (the speed limit was 55 MPH), she nonchalantly mutters something about her old "bucket of bolts" hitting 79-80 when she was growing up.

I kept it at 60 for that phase of the drive, but on the way back, I thought, "Why not?"

We hit some speeds that would have ended up with an immediate impound and a revoked license.  I slowed down to 60 MPH, but it suddenly felt relatively slow.  I found about 75 MPH was slow, but not unbearable.  My wife (still relaxed) said, "that's a cop up there - just pull over because it's too late".  (He was driving in the opposite direction, and a mile up the road, he pulled over and turned on his lights).

We passed him, and pulled to the side to wait for him to catch up.

Turns out my wife knew him.  He gave us a warning.  It still makes me laugh.  She knows EVERYBODY!

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