Monday, May 30, 2016

South Bend Junior Lathe Lives - Almost

Well, here we go.  It's been a while since I've posted, and I just HAD to post, since I've finally made some progress on my Jan 1930 SB Junior 9".  I bought it back in November, and it's the first foray into machining for me (after I rebuilt a 1939-1941 Craftsman Dunlap wood lathe, it was the next logical step).  I've refinished everything, cleaned up all of the surfaces, repaired the back gears using a hodgepodge of parts (try finding a decent back gear for a Junior 22YB - everything was either too big or not big enough) from a 13" and reusing the eccentric shaft.  But, it went back together.  I re-shimmed the headstock to make sure it was tight, and built a jackshaft to go between the treadmill motor from a C2000 NordicTrac, driven by a BC141.

The first time I tried to fire it up - it wouldn't turn.  I greased the zirks on the shaft pillow blocks, and tried it again.  I adjusted, thinking the belt was too tight.  Both of those helped, and the speed was nearly controllable, except when it engaged the headstock.  It barely turns the headstock.  I think I got the shims wrong on the headstock, and it's too tight.  We'll re-shim it again, and give it one more go in the near future, but I feel really close!

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