Wednesday, May 25, 2016

South Bend Lathe Motor - Finally Progress

So, I've had the South Bend Junior 9" lathe since late November.  As I've worked on getting an old lathe up and running, I've had some great experiences, from the "Eureka!" moments with calculating gear ratios for thread pitches, to finding some pretty great parts along the way.  However, the thing has yet to be put back into use.  One of the big hold-ups has been the lack of a good motor.

Don't get me wrong, I've had a good motor.  Just no way to control it.  I've had a Quadra Performance Drive 2.6 HP Peak (1.5 HP Continuous Duty) M-204432 (C3354B3352 or E62788) motor from a NordicTrack C2000 treadmill.  I also had the MC-2100 controller.  However, my pinouts must have been different from the others out there, because I could not get it to work based off of a potentiometer for speed control.

I finally gave up on all of that, and found a BC141 controller on eBay.  I ordered, it arrived today, and I've already connected everything up, and fired up the motor.  It works!  It actually works great!

My next step is to put a hinge on the jack shaft, fabricate a mount for the motor so that it can then attach to the jack shaft, and then install it.

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