Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Engine Compartment Nearly Complete

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!  This past weekend, we had the great fortune of having the nephew over at the house for a few days.  With his help, we completed the gas lines, got the vacuum lines arranged and installed, and even began the last of the electrical in the engine compartment.

There was one issue.  I could NOT get the plug out on the drivers side of the car for a temperature sensor (the small block head water jacket plug was stripping and not releasing).  So, part of the electrical included moving the temperature sensor to the passengers side.  It took a half of a can of PB Blaster, a ratcheting wrench with a cheater bar (5 feet of pipe on the end of the ratchet - I was more worried about the head, because I can always pick up a new ratchet).  It took soaking in PB Blaster for 3 days, and I still had to advance from the 1 1/2 foot bar to the 5 foot bar to get it to turn.  When it came out, it looked like this (yes, so much torque on that it was cockeyed) :

And, then we did some more electrical :

And while we were at it, the nephew (and the niece) worked on the lathe making a pen (those two are awesome - I claim them as my own) :

And lubed the whole thing, front-to-back :

We're getting close!

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