Friday, December 28, 2018

Heavy 10 Headstock... Fits A Junior Bed

I had an impression that this would work, but finally knuckled under.  I ordered an old Heavy 10 (South Bend lathe) headstock off of eBay to see if it would fit onto the 9" junior bed. The first thing I did was take a picture.  Then I measured it's base :

Note that those measurements are relative to each other.  Then I measured the Junior's bed :

After that, I set it onto the lathe, with success :

Note that although it fits, this headstock is an under drive, and my lathe bed is an overdrive.  That means this won't work.  [sigh].  Now that means I really need to get a heavy 10 bed (on it's way here), tailstock, and carriage.  It also means I need to start buying parts to get the headstock into an operational mode.  My new toy has an expensive shopping list:

  • oilers (felts and gits)
  • thrust bearings
  • take up bearings
  • take up nuts
  • spindle gear
  • spindle bull gear
  • spindle headstock bearings
  • bushings
  • forward/reverse gear mechanism
  • back gears (14DP, 70 tooth on the bull back)
  • gearbox
  • banjo and idler gear
  • lead screw gear
  • saddle apron
  • cross slide
  • compound slide
  • tailstock
I might be able to manufacture a few parts with my junior, but it would probably be simpler to just buy them.

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