Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Made a Wood Lathe Insert Tool

I love my old Dunlap wood lathe (534-0601).  It is a blast to do wood work, really.  This was made in a few different variants, such as a Power King, a.k.a. Atlas (who actually made it for Sears).  Under the Sears moniker, it came known as "Craftsman", "Dunlap", and also "Companion".  It is similar to the Harbor Freights of today in that one maker is manufacturing for many different brands with a few minor modifications.

I had already built a carbide wood turning handle (round), and wanted some additional ones.  I used the Hazard Fart (stupid spell check) to mill out a seat, and then drilled and tapped it for an 8-32 hole and dropped in the diamond insert.

While I was there doing metal work, I was welding a new stand for the Dunlap wood lathe, and dropped a square tubing from 3 feet onto my finger.  Not pleasant.  It definitely hurt.

Meh.  I chiseled out a groove to match the rod and glued it together, turned it on the lathe, and threw on a copper pipe cap as the ferrule (I did drill it out and file it square to match the square rod).  After coating it a few times in boiled linseed oil, I have a functional (and complete) tool.

Now to find a new project to use it on.

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