Friday, March 13, 2020

Wood Lathe Stand

I started building a custom stand for my wood lathe after the same pattern as my Harbor Freight toy mill and South Bend Heavy 10 design.  The mill had a castor mount welded to the bottom (and castors bolted to that), while the Heavy 10 had nothing as per castors (I am probably going to add after this experiment).

Before I started the heavy 10 lathe, I had seen a video on YouTube by Wesley Treat about adding casters to a welding table.  I wanted to try that with both the South Bend, as well as my little craftsman wood lathe.

I welded the stand together, and then commenced some hacking (I'm not a welder, and I don't have a welding table, that's for sure).  It turned out fairly nice, but best of all, it functions!

With the stand relaxed :

And, with the arms down, it rolls around fine :

(Yes, that lathe leg is fully suspended in the air.) Woohoo!  Now I can migrate the lathe from one stand to another.

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