Sunday, July 26, 2020

Wood Lathe Carbide Skew Chisel

I'd made two carbide insert wood lathe tools, and I was hitting the point of wanting to finish the trifecta.  First was the round insert tool, and then came the diamond insert tool.  The inserts are :

10x28mm diamond insert by YUFUTOL
12mm round insert
square 30mm 1.18" (30x12x1.5mm) used for small planing cutter headers

All three were made using 3/8" square bar from the local box store.  Yes, it works, and no, if you have better options, do the better options (like a 3/8" stainless steel square rod, but remember it will need to be welded for the skew).  Even if this is the best you can use, it will still suffice.

The first one (the round one) was simply a matter of milling an arc, tilting the head, and milling the bevel to match the insert, then drilling the hold down screw and tapping.  The second one increased in difficulty.  I had to cut a diamond shape and mill the bevel to go with it.

This one was easier than the diamond, but involved more.  I first ground the end to an angle.  I cut off a second 3/8" square bar, and welded it on to the end where I had angled it.

I placed it into the mill, and flattened my weld out.

Then I marked and drilled some holes.  The holes were tapped, breaking the tap in the last one.  That tap was so far in I gave up on getting it out, and re-drilled the holes offset and tapped.  I did bevel the bottom chin and the side(s) to have a little more clearance.

It turned out nice, even with the apprentice mark.

I still need to make the handle for it.  Also, I need to build some mounts for the tool rests and the tools now onto the stand to make the wood lathe a complete mobile workstation.

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