Friday, December 16, 2022

Turning The Butt End of a Handle

We have a Christmas present, with the presentation a week early.  So, please don't tell the anonymous person who this is for that it's done.  They know it's being made.  Anyway.... since I'm letting the cat out of the bag early, here we go.

I was asked if I could create an ice cream scoop for a family member as a gift.  I was given a wide berth on this one.  Since this unnamed individual is a hunter/fisher, I chose a SpectraPly blank.  It's essentially a dyed and laminated block of plywood.  The full kit stuff is all available through Woodcraft (they even have other things like pizza cutters).  I turned the blank round, cut the surface (this is called facing in the metal lathe world) for whatever was on the front of it, drilled it for an insert (I had to get my own insert for the ice cream scoop, since I do not like threading wood), and glued it all up like any normal turning assignment.

So, if you check those pictures, you'll see that the butt ends of these two handles are still square.  I do want them turned better, and this is the challenge presented to me.  The handles are all about 1 1/4" inner diameter, which is a little larger than the handles.  PVC pipe is under pressure, and will compress more when those stresses are released, so I opted to use it for the solution.  I cut along the lines about 2" (for a spacer for the chuck jaws), and then cut each off.  If you cut the band off and then cut lengthwise on the PVC, be prepared for the pipe to grab the saw and do weird things with it (like a table saw throwing it at high velocity right at your face, arms, or chest).

This allowed me to put it in the only chuck I had with a large enough inside diameter for this handle, where I could turn the remainder down and put the grip grooves in.

A quick coat in lacquer and glued together, and it looks sharp!

 I hope they like them!

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