Monday, November 13, 2023

New Chest - Found a Gerstner O52 and It's Base

 Whelp - all that work building the tool chests out of walnut, and someone posted a tool chest on the local classifieds listing, for $650.  I thought, that's a great price.

It turns out, the chest was unused.  The seller was a retired machinist who purchased the chest a while back when he was preparing to retire.  Instead of using them, they sat (in the original shipping boxes).  He realized he wasn't using them after a long time, and sold them to me... for less than the asking price of $650.  It was a steal.

Now I am the proud owner of a new tool chest, models O52 and O62.  They wait to become a Christmas present from my wife to me [she gets to pick something from the stash, and it's going to be what I want].

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