Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I Am A Junkie - A Tool Junkie

Hello. My name is Silverhawk. I haven't been sober (tool-wise) for some time. Someone had posted about old tools on a local classifieds website, and so I jumped at the chance. I offered $220, and ended up with a small lathe (yes, it is tiny, but it's a cute little thing), an old Montgomery Ward scroll saw, a pedestal grinder (without the pedestal), a small table saw, a drill, a couple of pulleys, a small hand drill, and five or six motors. I have yet to determine if the motors actually work.  If they do, I came out ahead. If they don't.... well, we shall see.

The table saw is labeled "Sears  Roebuck and CO.", model number 103.0211.  It's a nifty, belt-driven little device that was made fairly solidly.  The bearings run pretty good, and they were kind enough to throw in a nice blade along with it.

The scroll saw is labeled with "14FD8398".  It is frozen, but it can be freed up with some acetone/AFT :

Also included was a nice little "drill" attachment that could easily be made into a grinding attachment for the lathe :

As well, a grinder was also thrown in :

The bearings all seem to operate.  Everything in the lot uses belt drive, but the small lathe's pulley is small enough, I don't know if we'd ever find a belt that will fit it.  I think I might donate that to my nephew and his desire to make pens.

The small lathe is a King-Seeley, and doesn't allow for much in the way of tapers.  Here's the lathe next to it's big brother from about the same year (yes, both are from 1941) :

And the small lathe itself :

That really is a cute little thing!  Here's the rest of it :

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  1. Forgot to add that I'd picked up a Craftsman #113.248321 bandsaw (80" blade, 1/2" wide, can use a fence or a miter gauge).