Monday, July 25, 2016

Trying to Start, Failing

Well, I tried (yet again) to start my car.  It failed (yet again) to start.  Permit me to growl menacingly.


So, here's where we lie.  I connected the battery, lifted the back end, and installed the starter.  I turned the key.... and had nothing.  To eliminate the starter as the problem, I grabbed a screw driver and crossed the battery line and the starter solenoid line.  It spun.  That means the starter is okay.  Now, keep in mind, it spun - it never engaged.  A new problem has arisen - I have the wrong starter size.

Well, I also knew I had a wiring issue.  So, back to the inside, I turned the key again, watching to see if we had 12 volts at the starter (we did before).  Unfortunately, while I was doing that, I noticed magic smoke escaping from one of the wires.  That means it got too hot because the wire was too small.

It was around that time I also realized why the thing was failing earlier and I had to jump the neutral safety switch - I never connected the neutral safety switch to ground.  Here's what I have to do :

  1. Locate a good starter that fits the replacement engine and the MacLeod scatter shield
  2. Fix the wiring.
  3. Finish the Neutral Safety switch.

Let's see where this goes!  (I hate electrical sometimes.)

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