Saturday, July 30, 2016

Motors That Came With the Old Woodworking Tools

A while ago, I posted about being a tool junkie and picking up quite a few tools and that there were five or six motors included.  I didn't go into depth about the motors, because I didn't see tags at a quick glance, and there were many enough that I didn't want to look to make that post even longer than it is.  So, I finally got over my laziness, uh, preference to prevent long posts, and went out to check the motors and identify them.  So, here they are.  The first motor didn't have an identification tag on it.  But, deductions say it is an A/C motor, since all of the rest were.  I don't really have a way to identify it at this point.  So, I'll skip that one.

The second one I pulled out was a Robbins & Myers 3/4HP, 220v A/C motor that spins at 1725 RPM.  Serial number is MM18377TQ, and a brief company history was provided by Vintage Machinery :

The third one I pulled out was a single-phase Westinghouse 315P194.  It is a 1/2 HP, 110v A/C motor that spins at 1725 RPM, and is a cheap motor on eBay ($20?).  It looks like the best candidate for use in the South Bend lathe.  The original motor for the lathe was 1/3 HP, so it should have plenty of power.


The fourth one was a General Electric Model 5KH35KG103X.  It's a 1/4HP, 115v, continuous duty A/C motor that spins at the normal 1725 RPM.  The serial number had "WMA" stamped.  On eBay, this would probably sell at around $50 + shipping :

The fifth one was a Dayton single-phase/split-phase A/C motor for 115v, 1/3 HP.  The model number is S55NXCCZ-1691 (number 6K030), and it cranks in the normal-for-old-A/C-motor speed of 1725 RPM.  On eBay, probably around $37+shipping :

The sixth one turned out to be a General Electric model 5KC45AB1107X, a single phase 1/6 HP, 110v A/C motor cranking (surprise!) in at 1725 RPM. :

There were quite a few motors in that lot (6), but none of them are the same.  From a 220v 3/4HP motor to a 110v 1/6HP motor, there are plenty for what I want (you might say over-abundance).  My next task is building a stand for the tools, and organizing things a bit for space.

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