Friday, May 27, 2022

Nice Rack!

 Alright.  Spring was normal, meaning it got hot, and then froze, and then got hot, and then froze again.  It makes it difficult to create a garden in the springtime.

So, I grabbed some PVC 1/2" PVC pipe fittings and pipe (nothing threaded, because I want to be able to put it into a box at the end of the season).  The lengths of the cuts were determined by the planter bins.  It just pushes together, and bingo - a grow rack.  I made three levels - each one has four 90 degree elbows, 12 tee's, and a few sections of pipe made to fit.  With it pressed together, I needed to add some grow lights.  I picked up some grow lights off of Amazon, and needed a way to anchor them.

With 1/2" pipe fittings, I grabbed a 1 1/4" PVC pipe, and I put a slit up the pipe lengthwise long enough to cut off pieces for my flat adapter (but not all the way, because I didn't want it collapsing on the table saw blade and ripping it out of my hands - that would have been a bloody mess). I then sliced off 2" lengths of that.

The pieces around the slot were then heated and bent to form some "half pipes" with a flange.  That flange was then drilled.  I sliced up a cutting board (DO NOT USE A TABLE SAW FOR THIS) to get lengths, and then drilled those to match.  They got screwed together.


I could then clip everything together and fire it up :

I know I'm about a month or two late, but next year should give us a garden early.

While there, I ran some 1/4" tube to automagically water the hanging flower pots.

These have valves to turn off individual off shoots, so it is perfectly controllable.  Garden ... check!

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