Friday, May 27, 2022

Shoulda Put a Ring On It

I finally got a chance to get my boring head into use and made some rings.  I REALLY like the ceramic comfort rings, but that stainless looks fabulous!

I gotta make some more - those disappeared into some family hands way too fast.  I ordered some replacements, and set the inlay using resin with a few different variations.  I love the look of the stainless steel, but just know that HSS lathe tools or carbide lathe tools will mark them up - it's just a given.  I've turned stainless using these materials in the past, so it just stands to reason.

I like the ceramic.  It seems to be less impervious to turning tools.  They don't come in silver, which is bad, but they still look good.  Anyway, the inlays were done using 5-minute epoxy resin.  I'd squeeze a small bit out, mix it up, and then mix in the Tru-Stone.  I'd asked my spouse what was wanted, and had colors all picked out.

After 5 minutes, I'd mix up another spot more, and drop that into the ring groove right next to the last drop.  I slowly worked my way around the ring until the entire inlay groove was filled.

I waited for a few days to let the resin fully cure.  I simply used a wood dowel to store them on while they cured and pull them inside at night (when it got cooler), and back out during the day to cure.

Once the inlays were set, I could turn them.  As I have two different sizes, I needed to use different bushings, so I ran through mine and then my spouses.

 I turned each one down at a time.  The results were great!

They are complete, and give a little variety to what I can wear each day.

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