Friday, August 30, 2013

CIVIC: Almost Alive

Well, the Civic is almost alive.  It runs, and I've driven it almost 20 miles since the swap.  However, it's only legal right now because I have a permit on it.  The reality is - it failed the safety and the emissions checks.

Emissions Inspection :

When I finally snuck it in to get it inspected, I had completely forgotten that if you disconnect the battery for any extended period, the computer's memory completely resets, and all of the emissions equipment settles into a "Not Ready" state until you have enough regular driving conditions on the car for it to figure out how it is doing.  So, it failed the emissions because everything was in a "not ready" state.

Safety Inspection :

The safety inspection wasn't as bad as it could have been.  Shoot, the last time it was inspected, I was surprised it passed because the tires were so worn out.  I didn't expect them to pass this time, and wasn't shocked when that didn't happen.  I'll get it to Les Schwab in the next few days and then get it registered.

Result :

Today's drive was a good, longer than 9 months of driving kind of drive.  I put 15 miles on it in a half hour, but none was freeway.  I have a 15 day period to get the good driving results in, and get it registered.  Then I'll be completely back on my feet.  It was good city driving, and the car didn't want to move as easily at first, but slowly started to loosen up again.  I think it will be back to normal within a week with my driving habits.

That said, it's allowed me to work on the Corvette a little bit - and I was able to get that alarm key set up, and duplicated.  Now, I just need to install the switch and wiring, and then hit the electrical with some probes to ensure things are lined up in the right places.  Perhaps after a good day of work on it on Monday can get me feeling better about it.  I might be able to get the steering column put back together.  Hooray!

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