Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Corvette - Alarm Key Working

So, I had purchased an alarm switch off of eBay a while back for the Corvette (while working on the Civic).  I finally got around to having a lock smith take a look at the switch (I had no key, and it was advertised as "filling a hole" and was in "rough shape" according to the photos).  I had held the thing in my hand numerous times, and I've been wondering if it's possible to restore it to functionality.

Well, I finally overcame my fear and headed to the lock smith.  $26 later, I had the following :

  • A functional key to fit the switch - I needed to have them re-key, but didn't have that key with me.
  • Electrical testing operates as designed.
  • A feel good "That's the cleanest set of tumblers I've ever seen on something that old - I think they just never used it."
I'd install it, but I have one thing left to do - get it re-keyed to match the new ignition keys. Once that is done, it's time to install it, check the electrical, and then connect a battery so that I can get the window glass adjusted and the door and dash panels installed.  One small step, but it's been a hurdle.

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