Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Civic Status: running, SRS/CEL both clean

Okay, after breaking the valve cover bolt, I had to drill the bolt without touching the valve train/head, and then back it out.  I was successfully able to do that, dropped in the replacement bolt, tightened things down (very carefully, this time), and then crossed my fingers.....

... the car started, no CEL (not even the SRS, this time, either), and it seemed to be running much better.  Next up - grease the bearings on the wheels, pull a lug bolt and replace it, and go get it registered.  I don't know if the tires will pass an inspection, but if they don't, that would be it to be back on the road.  An A/C recharge would be next on the list, but it's workable without it.  So, three things to do before I can get back to the Corvette :
  1. Lug bolt/nuts
  2. Tires replaced
  3. Recharge/oil the A/C lines
This is phenomenal news!

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